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Lorna is a multilingual senior advisor in communications, reputation management and stakeholder engagement, and multi-media journalist.  She spent ten years working in broadcasting as an international editor and reporter for Sky News and as a current affairs documentary producer, including running team operations from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. 

She has over twenty years’ experience in the British Regular Army and Reserves, specialising in the full spectrum of communications and international engagement and deploying to the Baltics, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

Building on a successful career as a journalist, Lorna has a reputation as a leader in the wider communications spectrum, serving as the Director of Communications for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), as the StratCom adviser and campaign lead to the UK government Russia team and to NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre contributing to the scripting and execution of NATO Headquarters’ mission rehearsal exercises around the world. She has worked in Israel/the Palestinian Territories and East Africa for the United Nations and,  more recently through the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, Lorna was appointed as the spokesperson for Defence and communications adviser to the Commander of the UK’s COVID Support Force. 

In the corporate sphere, Lorna has been retained by the Boards of leading Mining, Transport and not-for-profit organisations as an adviser in strategic and crisis communications and risk management.

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