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  • Lorna Ward

10 ways you know you’re spending too much time in your car…

….a thought that struck me as I motored along the M4 this morning on my commute into the newsroom:

1. You’re not a cab driver but you have the latest in all GPS, Satnav, hands free gadgets and wizardry cluttering up your dashboard.

2. Your passenger seat has the remnants of every meal you’ve eaten in the last week embedded in its upholstery.

3. You find yourself singing along to all the advert jingles on the regional radio stations you pass through on your journeys

4. You are smugly and consistently one step ahead of the electronic signposts warning of congestion or queues up ahead, shouting them down in the privacy of your carriage for being too slow to keep up with the latest traffic updates.

5. You have an overnight bag, gym bag and snow clothes permanently in the boot of your car, ready for all eventualities.  AND frequently have to make use of one or all of them.

6. You feel entitled to use the bus lane.

7. You have a nominated pair of ‘driving shoes’ (particularly for those of us who wear heels) which live in the foot well on your car in between drives.

8. You believe that because of the amount of time you spend on them, the roads are YOURS and hurl abuse at all motorists who a)sit in the middle lane of YOUR motorway, b)drive too slowly and c)put their fog light on as soon as there is a wisp of mist.

9. You talk to your car and might even have given it a name.

10. You’ve considered buying driving gloves.  

Definitely about time I waved goodbye to my long commute and my unhealthy attachment to the second home that is my car….

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