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  • Lorna Ward

The trials of spray-paint…

There is a reason why military equipment is a greeny browny beige colour and not a sunny yellow colour. One bright-eyed Lieutenant (you know who you are) obviously thought this oh-so-dull camouflage needed bringing into the Gok Wan era of tints and some brightening up. While meticulously cleaning weapons in one of the storage containers on camp, the young trailblazer opted for a can of spray-paint to lever open a sticky catch. One pull, just a little bit harder, one last tug should do it….cue a pretty sunflower sheen…from the barrel-tip to trigger of his pristinely cleaned weapon, across all four ISO container walls, in and around most of the Quartermaster stores….A condor moment for the hapless young Lieutenant if ever there was one you might think. But he was left staring back at a row of yellow faces, hands and soiled uniforms.

Those splattered SNCOs retired to the ablutions leaving the yellow-faced gent to clear up his mess. Reports are filtering back to us from his Commanding Officer that he may still be confined to said-ISO container…..

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