'Red-teaming' the plan

Coordinating closely with CEOs, Board members and management teams to provide strategic guidance on all aspects of internal and external communications.

Providing specialist advice to companies on event-based communications when confronted with atmospheric changes through delivery of a Crisis Communications campaign plan.

Clarifying a company’s story in light of negative sentiments, the media reporting information incorrectly or news that is unjustly critical.

Turning stakeholders into allies and advocates by creating collaborative narratives through the delivery of effective communications plans.



Reading the room

Identifying and engaging with ‘influencers’

Informing Decision-Making and Messaging

Establishing a consistent message for addressing key issues across different stakeholders and domains that avoids ‘story dilution’ and damage to credibility.

Employing an integrated approach to developing a unified narrative for multiple stakeholder groups within and between organisations


Relating the narrative and reaching the audience.

As a former news journalist, I understand how important it is to successfully tell your story while dealing with reporters and interviewers. To help clients communicate effectively, I mobilise my deep industry knowledge, contacts, understanding of the media and key stakeholders to demystify the interview process.
My practical advice prepares individuals and teams for any communications setting, particularly media interviews, presentations and crisis situations.
My bespoke sessions are tailored for individuals or small groups at senior management and board levels. In these media training packages, I train clients to focus on key communication skills and how to develop their message by raising both their skill and comfort levels.
The coaching begins with an in-depth look at the skill of communicating; the session moves swiftly on to critiquing the client’s oral and/or video delivery of the message as well as on how confidently unprepared questions are handled.


Reviewing programme success