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Providing thought leadership to nurturing personal & organisational reputations.

Lorna is an advisor in communications, stakeholder engagement, crisis resolution and writer and multi-media journalist.


Exceeding Your Expectations

I solve the critical issues facing my clients, both large and small. My unique approach is not only what differentiates me, but also what makes me successful. I provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organisations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimise atmospherics.

Discussing the Numbers


Right time.

In companies confronted with atmospheric changes, I use wargaming or 'red-teaming' tools to stress-test and evaluate plans, to expose unidentified risks and to identify potential opportunities.

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Right audience.

Establishing a consistent message for addressing key issues across different stakeholders and domains that avoids ‘story dilution’ and damage to credibility.
Employing an integrated approach to developing a unified narrative for multiple stakeholder groups within and between organisations
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Right message.

As a former news journalist, I understand how important it is to successfully tell your story while dealing with reporters and interviewers. To help clients communicate effectively, I mobilise my deep industry knowledge, contacts, understanding of the media and key stakeholders to demystify the interview process.

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Crisis solver  |  Troubleshooter  |  Influencer

Formerly the deputy foreign news editor, producer and reporter at Sky News and as a serving British Army Officer, I bring over 20 years’ experience working across the UK government, the UN, NATO, international organisations and academic institutions.

I have a detailed understanding of defence, security and international diplomacy at the strategic level working in conflict and post-conflict areas in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

I have extensive experience of writing and advising on communication plans, how messaging can be used to influence behaviour, as well as building relationships and coordinating between stakeholders to influence behaviours in fragile international environments.  

Let me help make your message heard. Are you ready to set your brand or business on the path to success? Give me a call today and see what I can do for you.

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Lorna worked for me as my Media & Comms advisor when I was the Standing Joint Commander (UK) during Defence’s contribution to the COVID pandemic. She was pivotal to the successful military operation; authoritative, insightful, bright, engaging,  thoroughly professional, master of her brief and an exceptional team player.  She will make an invaluable contribution anywhere.

Standing Joint Commander, British Army

Lorna Ward has cemented her reputation at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre as a true professional who consistently delivers high quality results. In the chaotic media simulation environment, Lorna is always quick to embrace complex challenges and provide quick and executable solutions. As a journalist, she is proficient across all platforms – TV news, online/print media and social media. Her nuanced work on our adversarial TV news program brought the platform a level of credibility previously lacking, resulting in a more realistic training environment for NATO’s operational and strategic headquarters. Finally, her ability to provide bespoke media training to NATO’s key leaders has had a direct and positive impact on NATO readiness. After a session with Lorna, they are more confident, composed and ready to engage, which is a critical requirement for NATO to survive in today’s information battlespace.



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